Get to Pitch Your Reality Show to Heavyweight Reality Show Producers!

Recent VIP Pitch Client Says:

"There is no doubt that I am in the position I am in right now with this show because of the effort that you put forward. I took 6 meetings, and as a result, I am now in contract negotiations with a major production company to produce my project. I have worked really, really hard up to this point, and it all would have been for naught if I didn't get in the room with the right people. So thank you."

- Adam Shepard

Dear Aspiring Reality Show Creator:

Do you have a great idea for a reality show?

Do you feel like you could sell your project if you could get access to real reality show producers?

If the answer to the above two questions is yes, then you may have found just what you’ve been looking for.

Our management company can get you face-to-face appointments where you go in person and pitch your project to very serious producers in their offices just like a genuine “Hollywood player.”

Please understand this is nothing like a pitchmart scenario.  Now, I’m not saying that pitchmarts are a waste because I think they can be a good thing.  I’ve done them myself and even had a little success pitching feature film projects.

But, here’s the thing.  When these producers get your pitch it’s under less than ideal circumstances.  You are going to be one of twenty or more people in a matter of a couple of hours who will bombard them with pitches.

It’s impossible for the producers not to lose focus.  Additionally, they are taking those pitches with the knowledge that nobody has vetted these projects.  In general, the pitches are coming from novices who are unable to get representation and don’t have any credits.

When a pitch is set up by us for you, the producer is relaxed.  He or she is in her office.  The producer knows the person that is pitching this project is represented by our company and that means the pitch will be about a viable concept and have professional pitch materials.

So, they take it quite seriously.

Let me also be clear that I’m talking about doing pitches for major companies many of which have big hit shows on the air.  I’m not going to name drop on this web page, but if we do consider handling your project and we’re in a serious conversation, I’ll be happy to provide you with a few.  I promise you that you’ll be very excited about the kinds of producers we set you up with.

If you would be interested in getting to pitch your reality show project to major reality show television producers in person in Hollywood, then send me an email to request our release form, so you can submit your logline of the project and any presentation materials you have (treatment, show run down, link to sizzle reel, etc.)

If it seems like your project could have a shot we’ll reach out to you to discuss it further.

Send the request for the release to:


Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence Productions

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