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"For over the past two years I've been a recipient of Paul's weekly screenwriting newsletter. The advice and insight he offers has been great, helping me craft the art and polish my material. So when I learned that Paul was openly accepting loglines, I jumped on it right away. To my surprise, he responded in a few days of receiving my script with favorable comments. Now that Paul has offered to represent my work, I have newfound confidence when it comes to establishing my career. It looks as if this may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

Contel Bradford
Detroit, Michigan

"To paraphrase that great cross-over Russian comedian (perhaps the only one) Yacov Smirnof: "Wow, what a concept!" Screenwriter Paul Lawrence is repping my screenplay without any exclusive contracts or money up front. No, he's not officially an agent, but he is a screenwriter with contacts in the industry who knows a great script when he sees one and is willing to push it on my behalf. Borrowing from real estate, he calls his contract an "Open Listing" and like its namesake in that business his contract gives himself one year to sell my screenplay-- without tieing me up with exclusives. If I sell it on my own, cool, no problem. But if through his efforts he sells it first, he gets a commission. Sounds fair to me, that's why I signed on the dotted line. Suddenly, it all looks so very possible."

D.C. Copeland,
"Once Upon A Time In Harlem."

Other Screenwriters Who Are Signed Up With the Paul Lawrence Productions, Inc. “Open Listing Agreement” include:

•  Lawrence Riggins who is a produced writer with a screenwriting credit for Jean Claude Van Damme's “Replicant”, a $20 million dollar production.

•  James E. Schutte, a published novelist's screenplay “The Bunyip Archives”

•  Mike Maxwell's “Star Crossed”



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