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“Cruel World”

A Prime Time Pictures and Madonna's Maverick Films Production

Cruel World enjoyed a small theatrical release and then was a smashing success with other distribution channels that included a worldwide DVD release with the DVD being in virtually every Blockbuster and Walmart in the country and airing on both The Movie Channel and Showtime.

Paul Lawrence is the contractual lead writer and is also an executive producer and credited actor on this hot new teenage thriller that as put Variety Magazine put it, “ follows a scorned reality TV show runnerup who traps nine college students on his own fictitious show in which getting voted off costs them their lives.”

This feature thriller stars:

Ed Furlong(Terminator II, Detroit Rock City)

Jaime Pressly ("NBC’s My Name Is Earl")

Andrew Keegan (7th Heaven and "10 Things I Hate About You)

Susan Ward ("Shallow Hal")

Daniel Franzese ("Mean Girls")

Sanoe Lake ("Blue Crush")

Paul Lawrence does his acting role on Cruel World




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