When I Started Writing Scripts I Had No Hollywood Connections, No Formal Training and No Idea How To Start…

(Paul Lawrence on the set of "Cruel World")

Today, I've Had One Major Film Produced, 5 Optioned, 2 Outright Sales, 2 Development Deals and I'm Represented By A WGA Signatory Established Beverly Hills Agency

Dear Fellow Screenwriter,

Over the last ten years I've had some good fortune and was able to finally achieve what every aspiring writer dreams of…seeing a script that he created go through the development process and get produced.

I'll be honest with you. I am not some kind of giant fish in the ocean of the film industry. I usually describe myself by saying that I previously was an Amoeba that was completely invisible without a microscope and today I'm a minnow in the waters…I may be small, but I can be seen.

Still, there is no arguing that I have accomplished a major feat by writing a script which was then produced into a major feature film with a major Hollywood distributor like Maverick Films handling the release.

Getting a film actually made is what a screenwriter might call the "Holy Grail". I can tell you from my own experiences that there are so many obstacles that can derail a project even after you find a producer that wants to champion your script.

Being On The Set With About 100 People There…All Because
I Wrote a Script Was a Surreal Experience

(Paul Lawrence plays an Upset Witness that has seen a dead body in "Cruel World")

I had to pinch myself when I was on the set of CRUEL WORLD, the film that I was the contractual lead writer for. It was thrilling being able to hang out with name actors that I'd seen in major films and on television like Edward Furlong (Terminator II), Susan Ward (Shallow Hal), Jaime Pressly( Torque) and Daniel Franzese(Mean Girls). They actually wanted to know about what other projects I had going!

I was out on the set in New Mexico where it was filmed, staying in a fine hotel that the producers were paying for. I almost felt embarrassed as I was able to march up and plop into a seat next to the director while crew members mumbled to themselves, trying to figure out what kind of mood he was in.

Now, I finally have an IMDB listing. If you didn't know, it's not easy to get one. I'd had an independent film produced before and had a number of sales and options, but they won't list you unless your project has been distributed by an established film distributor.

If I Did It, You Could Have Your Film Produced Too.

Naturally, if you want to be able to successfully market a screenplay, there needs to be some steak besides some sizzle. In other words, your best chance of getting a screenplay successfully marketed is to write a well crafted screenplay that is based on a great idea.

But today, I'm not talking to you about screenwriting craftsmanship. Because there is something else that you need to know how to do.

You must be able to successfully market your screenplay!

What I've discovered over the years as I've met many other screenwriters and worked as a consultant with some of them is that there are so many writers that are virtually clueless about how to market their script effectively and professionally.

I'm not trying to put them down. It's not a reflection of their writing talent and it's not about their intelligence. I've met some writers that are clearly brilliant guys, but when it came to marketing their screenplays they were completely ignorant. Truth be told, I was in the same boat when I started.

I Submitted My First Script In A Paper Notebook Totally Unbound!

When I remember this story, I cringe. The producer that received that script must've thought I was so ignorant…and he would've been right.

It's actually an interesting story as to how I "lucked" into this submission opportunity. I was in my first year of writing screenplays and had bent the ear of my cousin many times telling him all about my stories.

Well, my cousin is an aggressive enterprising guy and he happened to be on a plane to Los Angeles from where he lives in New York and he struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to him.

Wouldn't you know it? This man was a bona fide film producer. Well, my cousin seized the moment and pitched my script and the producer gave my cousin his card and told me to send it to him. So, there is one little concept that you may have heard that I promise you is true. Let everyone know that you write screenplays because you never know who a person knows.

The sad ending to this promising beginning is that I sent the script in a notebook because I couldn't figure out how to bind it (I don't know how I was that stupid, but I was) and I sent it off. I don't suppose you'd be shocked to find out that he never got in touch with me and none of my calls to his office were returned.

After A Full Year of Rejections I Was Ready To Quit

After that first quick script request that I botched so badly, I had high hopes. After all, since I got a first request so easily, surely I'd be able to get plenty of others.

Yet it wasn't that easy at all. Time after time, I'd send out what I thought was a great query letter and I'd get back form rejection letters. Some of these letters were nice and some were downright rude.

Either way, it was always the same. The answer was no. Honestly, I was ready to quit. How was I going to ever break into the business? I was a nobody from south Florida who'd never had any formal film writing education and I didn't have any contacts.

Then, one day in the mail an envelope arrived with a release form from a producer regarding a query I'd made a long time ago. I filled it out, sent out my script with little hope and promptly forgot about it.

Getting That First Call From a Hollywood Producer Was Such a Rush!

One day my phone rings and this guy asks for me by name, so I say that this is me and he says, "his name is such and such and he just read my script and he loved it." I can tell you I heard the cash register ringing until I heard his next sentence, "but I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass".

He went on to explain the market conditions that prohibited him from trying to take on this particular project, but he asked what else I had and I quickly pitched an idea I had. Well, he requested it and I wrote it in record time. And the end of this story is that this producer has over the years read about five of my scripts, but I've never been able to sell him anything. But, here's the point:

It is possible to open Hollywood's doors even if you're an outsider!

So, I began a quest which began with the sale of a baseball autograph collection my dad had left me to finance a trip to LA to participate in an educational conference on breaking into Hollywood.

On that trip, I learned a lot. I learned some of the basics about marketing scripts. That was my starting point. After that conference which I attended two years in a row, I started getting a few script requests each year.

Then, I started experimenting and researching further. I worked and worked, trying strategy after strategy to get my scripts read. Finally, I began to have some success. I had some small producers take an interest in my work. I also learned a great deal from them.

Every producer I've met has been a shrewd individual who taught me one or two "tricks". Then, I finally landed a small out of town agent using a few tricks I'd learned from the producers.

Well, this agent taught me a few more insider secrets and I used them to trade up to an established LA based agency. As I was able to start getting my scripts into more and more producers hands…it all snowballed and has landed me in the position I'm in today where I have relationships with many producers who'll take my calls and are interested in my scripts. I'm talking about producers with heavyweight credits and relationships with the major studios as well as many independent producers with significant credits.

That's how the system works. You need to find ways to open up the locks so that agents and producers will read your work. And, if your material is good, the rest will follow.

Do You Feel Frustrated Because You Believe You Have a Sellable Script But You Can't Seem to Break Into the Business?

If you do, you now know you're not alone. I can guarantee you that there are thousands of others just like you. Hollywood has created itself a "moat" and a "castle" to keep the masses from overrunning them.

It's understandable really. Think about it from the point of view of a development executive or an agent. Even with the walls that they have, they are bombarded with pitches for scripts. Many of them might get hundreds or even thousands of pitches each month!

And the reality is that the majority of the pitches that come from writer's outside the "system" are not professional. Think about this:

The majority of the scripts that a typical development executive gets from known literary agencies are of such poor quality that they are passed on.

Isn't it reasonable to assume that if these so called "professionals" are writing poor scripts, that the chances of the rank amateur's scripts being good are slim to none? It's not fair to lump every writer into that pile, but that's what happens.

Now, you and your script may very well be the exception, but these executives and agencies that have hundreds if not thousands of scripts to consider simply can't read them all, so they play the odds.

If You Have the Right Keys You Can Open Up the Doors to Hollywood.

That is what the good news is. If you know the right "insider secrets" you can unlock the barriers that are keeping your scripts from getting considered by the decision makers.

These secrets are just that. They are not readily shared by those that know them. Why would they? All they'd be doing is creating competition. Or at least that's how many of them see it.

But from the last ten years of my relentless efforts to market my scripts and all of the insider knowledge that I've learned from the many credited producers, managers and agent's I had dealings with, I have developed a system with a vast number of techniques that make it possible to get your script into the hands of someone that can buy and make your script.

Listen to These Results From Writers Who've Used the Script Marketing Secrets That I Taught Them

M.F. used my Script Marketing Secrets techniques so effectively that he generated over 30 script requests from bona fide producers within 3 months.

M.G., a medical physician, was able to receive 10 script requests within several weeks after the Script Marketing Secrets were used which resulted in an option from a producer that has already had one $20 million dollar film greenlit this year.

L.O., a book author, found herself with a script request from a major studio level producer within weeks of employing the Script Marketing techniques and is awaiting the results as of this writing.

These examples I've given you above are from real life writers just like you and they are just a drop in the bucket of the number of writers that have used my Script Marketing Secrets' techniques and had equally impressive results.

Listen, there are many books, coaches and courses on scriptwriting. And some of them cover the marketing of scripts. I've certainly read dozens of the most popular books to see what I could learn. And, a number of them have some good information, but for the most part, they don't have the detailed specifics that can effectively help you unlock the Hollywood doors and get past the gate keepers.

Let me share some of the types of techniques that are included in this course:

  • The real truth about loglines and how to use them to get script requests
  • Where to get the contact information for producers who are seeking scripts besides the places everyone knows.
  • The best ways to use the Internet to successfully market your scripts.
  • The truth about trying to obtain actor and director attachments and how you can really do it
  • What the difference between a synopsis and treatment is and when to use which one.
  • What a two paragraph sheet is that some major agencies request.
  • The secrets to writing query letters that get read and generate script requests.
  • The real deal on pitchmarts with a detailed analysis of the current ones based on my personal experience at being at them and how to be successful at them.
  • What criteria some established agents use to determine if they're going to pass on your project before they've even read one page.
  • The art of pitching in person
  • How to get an appointment to pitch to a development executive.
  • 10 of the best ways to pitch on the phone.
  • The nuts and bolts of choosing titles that will get your project looked at.
  • Pitfalls to avoid that will get your project instantly passed on.
  • Secret insider sources of information that only industry players use.
  • A publicly available resource where you can find 2000+ potential producers who've made projects like yours and are likely to be receptive to considering your project.
  • And many more secrets that can get your screenplay past the gate keepers!

If you're wondering why I would share this information with you, the
answer is quite simple. I already have a number of established producer relationships, an agent I'm very happy with and have been with for years and a large resume of deals that allow me to operate within the walls of Hollywood.

It's not going to hurt me if there are other writers that are "armed" with professional level tools to have their shot at breaking in. To the contrary, I delight in helping other writers achieve their dreams because I know what it feels like to have that burning desire to succeed as a professional screenwriter…that fire that pushes you into creating that 90-120 pages of story with no guarantee that anyone will ever read it.

If You Want to Have Your Best Shot…You Need the Best Tools.

I'm very excited to announce that I have taken all of my experiences, knowledge and skills that I have acquired at the "college of hard knocks" and I've organized it into a formal course that is now available to you.

Now, I know that if you've been doing this awhile, you know how much consultants can run. I have hired more than one consultant for $1000 apiece and there are plenty that charge even more. Now, I'm not saying they're not worth it because I learned a hell of a lot from these professionals.

The problem is that not every writer has that kind of money to invest in their career. And even if you do, you're not going to get close to the quantity and quality of information that is included in this course. So, I'll share with you in one moment how much of an investment is needed to get all of these secrets at your disposal, but first I want to share one more bit of good news with you.

You'll Get a Free Hot Sheet List With 50 Producers Who Are Known to Have Been Looking For Scripts Recently and Their Contact Information.

I want you to have the best possible chance of getting your script into the right hands of people who can get your screenplay made, so I'm going to give you something else besides all of these proven techniques…I'm going to give you a current hot list of producers that are seeking scripts and the specific information on how to contact them.

It's a simple rule of advertising, but it is critical. In order to have a chance of selling your product (your screenplay), you've got to offer it to prospects who will be receptive to your offer. If a producer has a full slate of projects or they only develop projects in-house, then no matter how good your query is, they're going to pass.

This hot list of producers who have been recently searching for scripts should give you a good running start as you employ the Script Marketing Secrets course to get your screenplay made.

These producer leads are red hot because virtually all of them have specifically been looking for scripts recently. Don't wait until they fill their development slate and quit seeking more scripts. Order your Secrets To Script Marketing Course Online Right Now!

You Can Learn All of The Script Marketing Secrets For Less Than $500!

I want every writer who wants to learn the techniques in this course to be able to do it. So, even though I'm sure that this course is easily worth more than $500, I'm going to make it available to you for much less than that.

In fact, I'm not even going to ask you to invest $250 for this course that will provide you with more "insider secrets" than many respected script consultants would charge you $1000 or more for.

Learn All the Script Marketing Insider Secrets For the Cost of Dinner and a Movie!

That's right. I'm going to give you all of my secrets and knowledge of how to market your scripts to Hollywood as an outsider for the unbelievable investment of only $69! About what a modest dinner for two and a movie would cost.

Now, I am going to tell you that I can't guarantee that this course will be available for that price or at any price for very long because with my having signed a total of 5 deals within about the last 12 months and several more big deals pending, I honestly may find myself without the time to do this any longer; however, I will guarantee this price for the next 30 days.

You Will Also Have No Risk!

Look, I am so confident that the information in this course is so effective and that you'll be so happy, I'm going to guarantee that you are 100% satisfied or I'll give a full refund. That's right. You try out the course for the next 30 days and if you aren't totally satisfied that it's everything I promised, send it back for a no questions asked full refund.

What could possibly be more fair than that?

Order Your Copy of the Insider Script Marketing Secrets Course Right Now!

If you really want the best shot at making your dream to become a successful screenwriter come true, then you should have all of the best tools. I spent 10 years accumulating the knowledge that you'll be able to learn and put to use right away!

Don't wait for another impersonal rejection letter to arrive in the mail. Invest in your future today! To place your order right now, simply click the link below.

I sincerely hope that you'll be writing me soon with your success story that was a result of the Insider Script Marketing Secrets Course!


Paul Lawrence

P.S. Considering there is no risk because of my 100% full money back guarantee how can afford not to try it?


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