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Do you have a novel (published or unpublished manuscript), an idea, treatment, or a script that you know needs to be rewritten that you think could make a great movie?


Well, Hollywood is always vigorously searching for new great ideas and concepts that could be the next big movie. So, you just may very well have a real shot at selling your project to a film producer who could get it made into a real movie.

The problem is that many writers are under the false impression that it doesn't matter if their book, idea, or treatment isn't in the form of a professional level screenplay or the script just isn't script at a professional level because as long as they have a great premise, a producer will pay big money for the script and hire someone either write it or fix it.

While this does happen occasionally to some writer, I should point out that people also do win the lottery. The fact remains that for most people these things don't happen. The reality is that as an unknown writer, the most likely producers who will consider your work are independent producers that are not on the studio lot. These kinds of producers don't have development money to pay for novel adaptations or for rewrites and they don't have the time to spend working many hours with a new writer to get a script into professional form.

These kinds of producers can definitely get made movies made by pitching it to studios or other funding sources and attaching themselves as a producer which will then provide for the writer getting paid. But, what this means is that in order for them to consider taking on your script,

they need to have a professional level script that they can market to studios, distributors, investors or other large production companies.


Paul Lawrence Film & TV, Inc. does offer consulting services which range from basic notes on how to improve scripts to full rewrites and novel adaptations where Paul Lawrence Productions, Inc. will guarantee to obtain representation by an established LA based agency or management company once the professional screenplay has been created.

Having a professional level screenplay and bona fide representation for your project can't guarantee that your project will get sold, but it will give you a real chance for this to happen. Listen to what some previous Paul Lawrence Productions, Inc. clients have to say:

“It's so exciting to have my novel turned into a great screenplay and then so quickly have it in front of so many real Hollywood producers. I'm very pleased. You may use me as a reference anytime.”
Louetta Oney

“The requests that came in (for my script) further planted my feet on the ground and I've become even more driven to see this through. Being a part of something like this is better than winning, even though that'll be cool too.”
Marvin Reid

"Paul Lawrence's rewriting service is a fabulous way to jump-start an old script and make it hum. His turn-around time was speedy, his thorough transformation of my draft into a commercially viable product was impressive, and his follow-up answers to my questions were insightful. The whole process is a great learning experience, while the final outcome led to my script being represented by a Beverly Hills agent, opening the doors to a ton of new production companies."
Mark Kratter

To submit your novel, idea, treatment or original screenplay for a free evaluation of it's commercial market potential submit a logline, brief summary, treatment or synopsis to:


Paul Lawrence Film & TV, Inc.

934 N. University Dr. #291

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