Be a Real Hollywood Player
Make as Much as $250,000 With One Project…

You Can Pitch Your Project Face-to-Face
With Established Hollywood Executives

Dear Future Hollywood Player,

My name is Paul Lawrence.  And, I can help you make your aspirations of an entertainment career a reality.

Just a few short years ago, I was an outsider looking in.  But, I pried open the door to Hollywood and got a foot inside the door.

Today, I am a credited writer and executive producer of a $3 million dollar film called “Cruel World” that stars Jaime Pressly (NBC’s “My Name Is Earl”) and Ed Furlong (Terminator 2) among the number of known actors.

I also have a contract to executive produce a television show with a company called New Wave Entertainment.  This company is one of the largest producers of content for studios and television networks.  Their executives produce shows like “Last Comic Standing” for NBC and “Employee of the Month starring Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson” which was recently released in theaters across the nation.

And, I have over half a dozen other sales and options of film and television projects as well as being represented in Beverly Hills by a well established talent agency.

I’m only telling you all this, so you’ll understand that when I tell you I know for a fact that you can break into this business with no contacts, formal training or experience, it’s a fact.

Whether you have actually written a script, have a true life story that you believe could be a movie or an idea for the next big reality show, you could also get your own deals with major entertainment companies.

You just need to know one thing…

There are two keys to getting a
project sold in Hollywood.

Certainly, the course I offer on “Breaking Into Hollywood” can give you a real shot at selling your project.  And, I strongly recommend you use all of the techniques included in the course.

Still, there is nothing like the chance to meet face-to-face with a receptive entertainment executive who’s interested in finding new ideas for projects.

In the business, when you present your idea to such an executive, it’s called a pitch meeting.

Pitch meetings are the life blood of Hollywood.  It’s how deals get done.
But, if you’re an unknown quantity it’s not very easy to get yourself such an appointment.

You’ll have a minimum of 8 pitch meetings
with Hollywood Executives

Now, let’s be clear what kind of meetings we’re talking about.  These aren’t going to be those kinds of rapid fire, 3 minute pitch meetings that you get at a pitchmart event.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing bad about those events.  In fact, I’ve used them myself and had some success with them.

Still, they’re very intense.  And, they’re really a little bit about pot luck because who you meet ends up being pretty random.

Enjoy 10 Minute, Calm Pitches in the Executive’s
Office or Another Comfortable Location.

With your VIP Hollywood Player Pitch Package, it will be a whole different world.

You see, this event is very limited to a maximum of about 10 people in total who will be able to pitch.  And, no executive will be slammed with more than about 5 pitches in one day.

Let’s be realistic.  When these executives inhale 20 pitches in two hours, they are spent.  Sure, you can definitely make some inroads with that kind of situation.

But, it’s not for everyone.  The VIP Hollywood Player Pitch Package is for people that don’t want to be part of a horde of writers that bombard the executives.

This package is for those that prefer to do things first class…doing it like a real Hollywood player does it.

Imagine that for two days each morning and afternoon, you’ll be chauffered around the great Los Angeles area, arriving at real producer offices.

Once inside, one-by-one, in small groups of about 4-5 people, you’ll go inside the lair and have the time to present your project to real Hollywood executives…these will only be companies with legitimate film and television credits.

Your meeting will be with just you and the executive…in an environment where the executive will be relaxed and comfortable.

This kind of access is priceless!

It’s really hard to put a price tag on something like this.  After all, if you were able to find a buyer for your project, your life would be forever changed.

If your project sold, you could ultimately make as much as $80,000 - $250,000 or more…if you ended up with a big hit, you could even make a million dollars.

With this kind of opportunity, you could argue that $2500 wouldn’t be an unfair price.

I mean, let’s face it.  If you’re not connected into Hollywood, getting this kind of exposure and opportunity is just impossible…really at any price.

But, we want this opportunity to be something that you don’t have to be wealthy to try.

There are many of the kind of hectic pitch events I spoke of out there and they often charge something like $395.  If you are guaranteed like 8 pitches, then that’s about $50 a pitch.

In fact, there are other events that charge by the pitch and they do charge something like that.

But, as I noted before, the kind of pitching we’re talking about is so much different.  When you have five minutes to pitch and you’re scrambling into a seat someone else just vacated, you barely have to time to say hello before it’s over.

You can’t help but seem anxious and desperate.  Since our pitches will be about 10 minutes each and will have a totally different environment, then it would seem reasonable to say that they have double the value.

Thus, our VIP Hollywood Player Pitch Package is priced at $795 for a minimum of 8 pitches to real Hollywood executives.

But, you’re going to get something
else really valuable!

You’re going to get a full session of one-on-one pitch coaching from proven successful “pitchmasters” and producers with credits.

Look, you only get one shot when you sit down with that executive and if you aren’t totally prepared to present your project in the best professional light, you could miss out on a deal that could’ve been yours if it was pitched right.

Certainly, when you attend a seminar on pitching it helps your game, but it’s nothing compared to having multiple proven pitch professionals going over your pitch and your project with you…one-on-one.

And, that’s what you’ll have with the VIP Hollywood Player Pitch Package.  Your three day package will consist of 1 full day of preparation with pitch professionals and then 2 days of pitching.

Your journey to making it in the world of Hollywood, will start on Wed March 28th, with an intensive day of working on your pitch presentation and a complimentary mini tour of a Hollywood icon such as the Academy of Motion Pictures.

Then, on both Thursday, March 29th and Friday, March 30th, you’ll be making the rounds just like the professional Hollywood Players do it.  You’ll be chauffered to all of your meetings by the VIP Hollywood Player staff.

Each day there will be two morning pitches, a break for lunch at a show business watering hole and then two afternoon pitches.

You’ll get all of the following:

If you want to get a chance to do it like the real Hollywood players do it... moving around town and pitching your projects…

With a very real chance to sell your project to Hollywood, then you’ll want to reserve your spot right away.

Listen, I’m talking from experience.  It’s really possible to get your own film or television deal.  But, it won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

There are only approximately 10 spots at a maximum and we are considering even reducing that because we want to be sure that everyone who participates gets the VIP treatment.

We want to make sure that you get every advantage, so you have the best chance possible to sell your project.

If you’re ready to reserve your spot, then you can click onto the link below to be transferred to our secure server to make your reservation with a credit card.

Once your reservation is made, you’ll be sent your survey and program package which will let us know what kind of project you will be pitching, so we can arrange for you to have your meetings with the best possible prospective producers.

Click One Of The Packages Below to Make Your VIP Reservation

Or if you’d prefer you can mail a check or money order.  Our business address is below.

If you’d like to speak to someone you can e-mail me and I’ll personally follow up with you.  My contact information is below.

It’s time for you to decide…are you going to just dream about having an entertainment career or are you ready to step up and make it happen.

I hope I’ll have the chance to work with you as one of our select VIP
Hollywood Player Pitchers.


Paul Lawrence


Paul Lawrence Film & TV, Inc.
934 N. University Dr. #291
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351

P.S.  You can also choose to include in your package a special hotel deal that we’ve put together with a premiere hotel right smack in Hollywood.