Two Men Met At Their 20th
High School


When They Graduated They Were

In Similar Places in Life…


But now, things had changed.

One man was living his dreams…

The other gave up his dreams.



Dear Friend,


I want to tell you about two men.  One was named Paul and the other was Phil.         


When they had graduated from high school, they had a lot in common…They


· Came from the same lower middle class neighborhood


· Had similar grades in school.


· Each had their dreams as to what they would do in life.


You see Paul had dreams of being a writer and Phil was an aspiring artist.  Each had demonstrated promise in their field.  It wasn't hard to imagine that they would both be able to achieve their dreams.


Yet, now twenty years later, they were in

totally different places in life.


Phil had long ago put his paint brush down and earned his living on his hands and knees laying tile.  There is certainly nothing morally wrong with this.  Phil earned a decent living in an honest way and provided for his family.


But, in a certain way this story is tragic because Phil's enthusiasm for life had evaporated…Sure, he tried to enjoy himself on his time off.


He followed sports…went out places with his wife, etc.  But, the truth is that Phil's life had a certain emptiness to it as he was resigned to just merely survive.


But, Paul's Life was the complete opposite!


Paul had achieved his dreams.  He'd become a professional screenwriter with a major motion picture credit to his name. 


But, it didn't stop there because he'd also been pursuing some of his other dreams.  He had also become an actor who'd had real roles in real movies and he'd become a professional level stand-up comic too with over 100 performances on stage in the world's most famous comedy nightclubs.


And, there's more.  He'd become a professional direct mail copywriter and information publisher who'd written pieces that exceeded $1 million dollars in sales.


Paul's days were filled with excitement as he spent his time doing what he loved…writing movies and books and making deals.



The Difference Between These Two Men That Had One On His Hands and Knees Laying Tile


and one…


Living a Glamorous Show Business Life…

Living His Dreams



I'd like to tell you a little bit about the differences between how these two men lived their lives that brought them to such different places, but first I'd like to introduce myself.


My name is Paul Lawrence and I am one of these two men.  I'm feel fortunate to note that I am the one who is currently living my dreams.


And I want to share some information with you that I believe can truly change your life.



I want to share the secrets with you that will allow you to take whatever dreams you have and make them your reality.


Quite simply…I want to show you how to “Dare to Live Your Dreams”.


Imagine being able to live a life where you:



· Work in an occupation that you love.


· Have an income that allows you to be financially secure so you can own your own home, take care of your family and live a life free of financial pressure.


· Feel proud of what you do.


· Sleep well at night knowing that your life is not being wasted.



Before I share this life changing information with you let me make something very clear for you:


My path to get to where I am was not an easy one.


I'll be quite frank with you.  I made a lot of huge mistakes along the way.  In fact at one point I had hit the low point of my life.


After years of working in terrible job I hated, but was afraid to quit, I made myself sick from smoking cigarettes due to frustration and was fired from this awful job because my throat was so inflamed that I could hardly speak.  And on top of that, I had no meaningful romantic relationship or any real friends to speak of.


I was broke, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and quite frankly suicide didn't even seem like that bad an option.


I'd lost all of my hope and direction.


Don't Wait Until You Hit Your

Low Point to Change Your Life!


If you're not achieving all of what you wanted to in life, don't wait until you hit your low point or you simply run out of time.


There was no way I could turn back the clock, but the shock of finding myself in this predicament made me realize that I refused to let the rest of my life be wasted.


I became determined to find a way to live a life where I did something I enjoyed and could be financially comfortable.


I needed a system that would transform me from a miserable guy who had nothing in life into someone that had an occupation that he loved and was living the kind of life I'd always dreamed of.



So, I began to study successful people.  I read endless books on how these people became successful.  Their stories were inspiring.


But although each one was inspiring, I didn't have enough knowledge to be able to use their stories to take me to where I wanted to go.


You Need More Than A Cheerleader to

“Dare to Live Your Dreams”.


So, I also studied many of the well known “success experts”.  These authors and speakers had a lot of great information too, but while when I was done reading their stories or listening to them, it wasn't enough.


As soon as I was finished with one of these motivational courses I felt “fired up.”  I would decide that I was ready to take on the world.


But, I found it difficult to keep that fire going because while it made sense to be excited and determined…it wasn't enough.


I needed a real plan….A system that would take me from where I was to where I wanted to go.  I needed more than just a cheerleader.  I needed actual techniques that I could use in the real world where “life isn't always a bowl of cherries.”


So, I compiled the best elements of what I'd learned from studying all of these different sources and then added what I'd learned from various different mentors and life experiences and created the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program.


This system offers proven and practical methods that will take you from wherever you are…whether it's your own personal low point or if you are just ready to stop letting life pass you by.


Time is Your Most Precious Resource


Listen, we all know that our time here on earth is limited.  The greatest tragedy that you can allow for yourself is to let your life slip away without ever being able to make your dreams come true.


Believe me.  I am talking from experience.  No matter how far off and impossible your dreams may seem…it's possible to make them come true.


If I could go from being an unemployed, broke guy with no clue as to what I was going to do in life to someone that is living his dreams in exciting professions like writing movies, performing and publishing…then you can make your dreams come true.


It doesn't matter if you don't have any of the following:


· Money


· Education


· Connections or contacts


· Experience


The “Dare to Live Your Dreams” system will show you how to overcome any of those obstacles or any others that you might think are standing in your way.


Let me share some of the secrets that are in this course:


P.3 – How to make sure you're living your dreams and not letting other people

          influence or push their vision of what your dreams should be on you.


P.8 - Avoiding becoming a talented person that never succeeds


P.12 - Choosing the career with the most potential


P.19 - Getting rich in any field


P.22 - The first critical step in making your dreams come true


P.24 - Making bad luck work for you


P.31 - Successfully pursuing your dream no matter what age you are


P.32 - Preventing the disapproval of loved ones from stopping you


P.38 - Secret formula to overcome a lack of resources to pursue your dreams


P.40 - Proven strategy to triple your output without working more hours


P.43 - “Dare to Dream” system to get your dream pursuit engine running


P.45 - The 10% difference between success and failure


P.47 - How to overcome your fears that may be holding you back.


P.50 - Keeping your dream goals on track when something goes wrong


P.52 - The secret technique that will open the doors to your dreams


P.56 - A proven way to get successful people in your area of interest to help you get

           your break


P.60 - A little trick which can get powerful people to leap to help you


P.62- A way to hire experts to help you achieve your goal without spending any cash


P.66 - How to hit home runs instead of singles


P.70 - A full proof plan to create momentum


P.73 - Prevent yourself from falling into failure traps before you even begin


P.75 - Learn the most important secret that allows a select few to obtain their



P.79 - The guaranteed way to overcome doubts and fears


P.83 - Proven method that almost all highly successful business people use to get rich


P.87- How one simple change in your thought process can change your whole life


P.89 - Practical examples of how to turn problems into opportunities


P.91 - A success tactic which can earn you a promotion in the blink of an eye


P.94 - Overcoming a dead end job and making what you're worth


P.94 - The formula the world's most successful people use to solve problems


P.101- Keys to creative thinking that can change your whole life virtually overnight


P.104 - A business technique that turned an impoverished group into

             multimillionaires without investing an extra nickel into what they were



P.108 - How to assure that you're on a true success track


P.109 - Doubling your income without doubling your hours working


P.111 - Follow this rule and you're sure to be on the fast track to success


P.113 - An economic law that can help you earn ten times more money


P.116 - A universal rule of success that will have you on your dream path in one day


P.118 - Where to find the tools to change yourself into the person you want to be


P.120 -  This sociological rule can make or break your success instantly



            If you are really ready to take your life to the next level you do need to be motivated, but that isn't going to be enough.  You're going to need a proven plan that takes people who haven't achieved what they wanted and turns them into people that are living their dreams.


            But, you don't have to take my word for it.  Listen to these real people that have used the principles of the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program and very quickly found themselves living new exciting and gratifying lives.

“I'm a Mom and I work fulltime, but I knew that I wanted to do more than just my nine to five job.  Now, using the “Dare to Live YourDreams” program I've become a published writer and a paid writing teacher.  My life is so much more fulfilling.” M.S. Puerto Rico, U.S. Territory
“I went to school and obtained a technical degree, but I really wanted to earn a living in the music business.  Finally, I got the guts to make my dreams happen using the “Dare to Live Your Dream” program.”  A.D. Philadelphia, PA
“I was a waitress for five years, but I really wanted to open my own business.  I wasn't sure how to get started until I used applied the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” principles.  Now, I am starting my own new business and the results are unbelievable. K.H.” Chicago, IL
“The truth is I've done a lot of bouncing around from job to job, but I always had the desire to get into the real estate game.  I just didn't know how because I didn't have much money or credit.  Then, I started to use the success system in the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program. To make a long story short, I've made an extra $50,000 this year with my first real estate investment!”  J.H. San Diego, CA


It Would Cost $5000 to Have the Same Success Coaching That You Get With the

“Dare to Live Your Dreams” Program.




            If I was to spend the time with you personally to show share all of the proven “life changing” secrets and strategies in this course, there is no way that I could afford to do it for less than $5000.


            But, because I wanted to be able to share this system with as many people as possible, I've created this home study program which allows me to charge you a lot less than $5000.


            In fact, you'll be able to start changing your life in a dramatic way with the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program for less than $1000!


            But before I share the exact amount that you'll need to invest in your future to make sure that you don't let your life slip away from you I want to share one more exciting piece of news with you.


A Free “Make Your Move” CD!


            Listen, I know sometimes it can be hard to keep those motivational juices going as you make your move toward success.  That's why I created this “Make Your Move” CD that contains approximately 30 minutes of a stirring motivational interview with me that will have you leaping out of your car and toward your goals as soon as you get the car into park.


            And, I'm so confident that you're going to love the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program and that you'll be on your way to making your dreams happen for you so quickly that I'm going to give you…


A 100% Money Back Guarantee!


            And, on top of this, if you try the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program and for any reason don't think it lives up to it's promise, then not only will I give you a full refund with no questions asked…I'll let you keep the CD just for giving the program a try. What could be more fair than that?


            Okay, so I promised I get to the specifics what the investment is for this program that will get you started on a path toward a life filled with the happiness and success that only comes from living your dreams.


The “Dare to Live Your Dreams” Program is Less Than $250!


            In fact, it's a lot less than $250.  Even though I know that a program that can make will allow you live your dreams is really priceless…I want to make this a program that every person that really wants to change their life can afford.


So, for a limited time, the “Dare to Live Your Dreams” program is only $49.95!


            I can't guarantee how long I will keep at it this price as my financial advisors are already begging me to raise the price to it's true market value.


            Think of this…the “Make Your Move” CD is worth $49.95 all by itself.  There are many motivational seminars and consultants who charge a lot more than that for a motivational program that doesn't contain the same “charge” as this jolting program does.


            How can you possibly go wrong?  Like I said, if you aren't completely satisfied, you can return the program for a full refund and keep the CD as my gift for giving it a try.


            You will get a text CD that has the entire "Dare to Live Your Dreams" course in a PDF file so that you can either read the course on your computer or print it out  




            You will get the "Dare to Live Your Dreams" motivational audio CD that you can listen to so your motivation level reaches an all new high!


            If you are tired of having life pass you by…then I strongly suggest you click the link below and start “Daring to Live Your Dreams!”




            Paul Lawrence


It's all yours for only $49.95, plus you've got no risk because if you aren't 100% satisfied, you can return it all for a 100% refund…no questions asked.

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