I used to cringe when I'd go to parties or weddings and people got up to dance…

How my wife and I changed from wallflowers into a couple that other people watched with awe on a dance floor at weddings and affairs…


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(If we could do it with our 2 left feet, then surely you can do it too!)

"Paul Lawrence demonstrates
moves with a partner"

Dear Friend,

It was one of those weddings that you don't feel like going to, but you need to attend or someone's feelings will be hurt.

It's not that I don't like going to weddings, it's just that I knew there was going to be a lot of dancing….

And I Always Felt So Uncomfortable
On the Dance Floor!

I sat at a table with my wife as the music began to play. To make matters worse, my cousin, Jeff sat across from me with mischief in his eyes.

You see, Jeff knew that I didn't feel comfortable dancing and he seemed to delight in it…not that he was some kind of terrific dancer…but I grudgingly had to admit that he and his wife seemed to be able to get up and look comfortable.

I vowed to myself that this would be the last time
I'd allow myself
to feel so inadequate!

I knew what was coming out of Jeff's mouth before he'd even begun. "Hey, cousin, why don't you get up and dance? It's a great song!"

As I struggled to compose an answer and my wife smiled with embarrassment, Jeff cackled as he and his wife arose and went out onto the dance floor.

And that was the moment that I decided that I would never let myself feel this way again. And, I'm proud to say that things have changed quite a bit for me since that final straw. I'll tell you more about it, but let me first introduce myself.

My name is Bill Davis. I'm married…I'm fairly successful in my job, but until recently I hated going to attend any party or social event that I thought might have any social dancing. Because of my total change in this area, I was asked to write this letter.

…And I Was Happy to Oblige.

How could I not want to share my amazing story with others? Like I said before, I'm fairly successful by most people's standards and I'm not an uncoordinated clutz, but I had just never had a chance to learn how to dance socially…maybe because I thought I couldn't do it.

But, what I found out was that anyone with enough coordination to chew gum and walk at the same time could learn to dance socially.

You just need to have the right information!

Truthfully, I was in between a rock and a hard place!

As much as I hated the idea of my cousin snickering at me at the next family get together, I just couldn't see myself going into a dance studio and taking lessons.

Then, one day I Stumbled
Across the Answer!

I found out that I didn't need to go to a studio and take expensive dance lessons because I could learn right in the privacy of my own home.

And for me, it wasn't just about the money. It was the time! Between my wife's and my schedule we barely had time to eat dinner together…so, how were we supposed to find the time to make it down to a dance studio?

Now, I'll grant you that if I wanted to try and dance like the couple in the picture above…I'd probably need some lessons in the studio.

But, all I wanted to do was not feel like an idiot when I got onto the dance floor with my wife at a Christmas party, a wedding or at a nightclub.

With the Paul Lawrence Home Study Instructional DVD, It's Easy!

That's why I was so thrilled when a friend told me about this dance instructor named Paul Lawrence that had put together a DVD that could enable me to finally feel comfortable on the dance floor.

I was impressed because it seemed to have the answers to all of my concerns. I had no need to learn how to do a fancy Tango or Waltz. My wife and I just wanted to know how to do some of the dances that we encountered when we were at a wedding or party.

This DVD was perfect because it teaches 4 of the most commonly done dances in social situations:

• Partner Disco Dancing (Hustle)

• Swing (Jitterbug-Lindy)

• Merengue

• Freestyle Contemporary Dance (dance without touching the partner)

I Had Some Doubts About Being Able to Learn From a Video

But, I decided to give it a try since my friend who recommended it had taken some actual lessons with Paul. It gave me some confidence to know that Paul had some strong credentials:

• Member of the Board of Directors for the National Dance Teacher's Association for over 10 Years

• Owner and Operator of Paul Lawrence Dance Instruction for 13 Years

• Trained by World Class Professional Ballroom Competitors

• Host of the Cable Television Series, "World of Ballroom Dancing"

• Over 100 Live Professional Dance Performances

• Personally Taught Over 10,000 Private Lessons

This Video Broke Everything Down So Even a Guy Like Me Could Learn

That was what so important to me. Because I'm not the kind of guy that can catch on fast to something like this. I need it shown nice and slowly…again and again.

And this video did it. The steps were shown with Paul and a partner so I could see what it looked like. Then, both the men's and women's parts were broken down slowly separately.

Before I knew it, I was actually dancing with my wife. To tell you the truth it was kind of fun.

It became an "activity" for us to do together. The teamwork of doing it together was nice.

Truthfully, the working together in this romantic setting in the privacy of our own home with a glass or two of wine not only improved our dancing skills…

It Improved Our Sex Life Too!

So, let me give you the sweet ending to my little "head game" with my cousin, Jeff.

A few short months after I ordered the "Paul Lawrence Instant Dance System", I got an invitation to another wedding that I knew Jeff would be at.

Only this time, I wasn't worried. It's amazing how doing something as simple as dancing can be such a big pressure.

I know it's stupid. Yet, despite the fact that it's irrational I felt more fear about dancing than a possible fight!

A Complete Triumph!

You should've seen the shock and dismay in Jeff's eyes when he saw my wife and I calmly get up on the dance floor and enjoy ourselves when a song we liked came on.

But that's not the best part. It felt so flattering to have other people coming up and complimenting ME on my dancing! The other ladies at the party were eager to get to take a "test spin" with me. And my wife who also didn't feel comfortable dancing with me much less anyone else…was now perfectly happy to accept a dance invitation from a friend or relative.

To Learn All of the Dances and Steps in the "Paul Lawrence Instant Dance System" With a Private Instructor Would Cost You $2500+
So, naturally you could see why that it would be completely reasonable for this amazing home instruction system to require an investment of $1500.

But, I'm happy to tell you that you can obtain all of the following for a lot less than that:

• Feel confident dancing at parties and affairs

• Enjoy the fun of learning the steps with your partner…it will be an activity to do together

• Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your
own home, so you don't feel any pressure.

• The image of knowing how to dance will make you
appear suave and sophisticated.

Yes, you'll be able to enjoy all of the above benefits for a lot less than $1500, but besides that the good news is that you're not going to have any risk!

One of the reasons I was so happy to lend my support to this offering is because of how strongly Paul Lawrence stands behind his products. You try out the amazing "Paul Lawrence Instant Dance System" and if you aren't completely satisfied that it's all that was promised and more, then you can return it for a full "no questions asked" refund.

This special offering is not only just
a lot less than $1500…it's a lot
lower than anyone…anywhere
else can purchase these videos!

So, as I pointed out since all the information in this system would cost you at least $2500 to learn with private lessons…it would be reasonable to perhaps charge as much as $1500 for the whole system.

But, you're going to be able to enjoy all the perks and benefits of finally knowing how to do the basics of the most popular social dances without having to "fake it" for a lot less than $250!

As I'm sure you can imagine, a dance instructor with the credentials of Paul Lawrence would have naturally been recruited to create instructional videos for other video production companies. In fact, you can find other companies selling these videos for about $25 each which would still cost you about $100 to own them all.

A Special Exclusive Offering to
Own the "Paul Lawrence Instant
Dance System" For About the
Cost of One "Dinner for Two"

This special DVD offering which will include four different instructional videos that will cover one of the four most popular dances that are done socially at the parties and affairs of average folks is available to you with this special offering of only $49!

Listen, if you still aren't sure this system can work for you, listen to these folks that have tried Paul's system:


"It simply blows my mind that I now go to parties with my husband and people think of us as the "dancers" when before learning dance from Paul Lawrence we were to way too uncomfortable to get on a dance floor." W.K.

"I'm a very busy executive and there's no way I could find time to get with my wife and go down to a dance studio, so I was thrilled that I could learn how to dance from Paul Lawrence in the privacy of my own home. On top of that, it's put a spark back into our relationship. This was a great idea." J.F.

"I'm back on the singles scene and dancing is a big part of that. I was never that good at dancing, but after studying the Paul Lawrence system dancing is no longer a liability, but an asset! Thanks so much, Paul". J.L.

"I've always admired how smooth those guys that knew how to dance seemed, but I felt a little embarrassed to go to a studio. Besides, I didn't want to spend a fortune learning how to dance. This Paul Lawrence system was just what the doctor ordered." S.K.

"I know I need exercise, but I hate going to the gym. But now that I know how to dance, my husband and I work off our dinner by going dancing afterwards. It's very romantic and keeps me thin." K.H.

Isn't it time you stopped procrastinating? I am telling you from my own personal experience that no longer being afraid to get up and dance in public has really enriched my life and it will greatly improve yours also.

This is a special offering that may not be continued for very long at this amazingly low price. To order your "Paul Lawrence Instant Dance System" DVD, simply click to the order page on the link below.


Bill Davis


Yes! I want to order my "Paul Lawrence
Instant Dance System" DVD with a full
30 day money back guarantee for :

Only - $49.00
Shipping & Handling - $4.95

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